Smart Recovery

A global community of 3000 mutualsupport groups in which participants meet weekly to help each other overcome the life challenges caused by any addiction (to drugs, alcohol and behaviours such as gambling). Using SMART Recovery (SelfManagement and Recovery Training), they find the power within themselves to change and lead fulfilling and balanced lives guided by a science-based and sensible 4-Point Program®.


The 4-Point Program®

  • Build and maintain motivation
  • Cope with urges and cravings
  • Manage thoughts, feelings and behaviour
  • Lead a balanced life

The Format

  • Free weekly group meetings 
  • Run by a trained facilitator
  • Focus on behaviour, not substance
  • Practical and evidence-based recovery tools

The Outcome

  • Recovery journey defined by you
  • Healthy, happy and meaningful life
  • Deeper relationships with yourself, family and friends

Contact Information

Recurring meeting

Title – Richards Thursday SMART Meeting From Spain

Day – Thursdays

Time – 18.30 – 20.00

Zoom Meeting ID – 874-2691-9076